Project 7: Enhanced List Manager or Adventure Game

Due: Thursday, December 13, 2018

No work will be accepted for credit after 11:59pm on December 13th. This is a hard deadline. Don't cut it close.


Enhance your list manager app or your adventure game app by adding one of the following features:

List Manager

All list manager enhancements should satisfy the requirements for Projects 4 and 5. They should use SQLite to store the list(s) and have a query that uses a user-specified value. All lists should be populated with data when the app starts so that it's easy to see that scrolling and queries work correctly.

Adventure Game

If you would like to do something not listed here, please check with me.


Describe your design and include instructions on what your app does and how to use it.

Design documentation should include the names of all classes that you write, with the names of important methods, static data structures, and instance variables. Also describe other possibilities (classes, methods, and data) that you considered and why you chose the options that you did. Explain the problems that you encountered and how you resolved them.

Instructions should explain how to use all of the features for your app. Keep in mind that if I don't know how to use a feature of your app you won't get credit for it. Annotated screen shots can be very helpful.

Your documentation should be in one of the following formats: HTML (preferred), PDF, or Microsoft Word.


I will not install any software on my computer to grade assignments.

Turn in

Put your documention and complete project directory (including source files and resource files) in a zip file. Turn in your zip file on Canvas.

50 Documentation
150 Enhanced list manager or adventure game

List manager deductions
-15 Lists are not populated with data when the app starts.