Project 5: Getting data from the network

Due: Monday, November 5, 2018


Download a JSON or XML document from the network, parse it, and display information from the document in a textview.

A sample JSON file, planets.json, and a sample XML document, planets.xml, are available on my server at:

Your program should read the JSON or XML file (your choice), find the third satellite of Jupiter, and display the name and diameterKm values in a textview. Please read these values from the files on my server so that I can change them during grading and make sure that they are correctly downloaded and parsed. Don't look for the name Ganymede because I will probably change the name when I start grading.

Here are some iOS notes for this assignment: iOS Notes

Here are some Android notes for this assignment: Android Notes

NOTE: In later versions of Android, network communciation is not allowed on the main thread. To get full credit for this assignment you will need to use an AsyncTask for the network communication.

Turn in

Please put your initials in your package name and app name. Put your complete project directory, including source files and resource files in a zip or tar file. Turn in your zip (or tar) file on Canvas.

  35 Program downloads JSON or XML document
  30 Network data is downloaded in the background but the view is updated from the main thread
  35 Program parses JSON or XML document and displays information from it in a textview