Project 2: Unit Conversion Utility or Die Roller

Due: Monday, September 17, 2018

Unit Conversion Specification

Write a unit conversion utility. For example, you could convert temperature (Fahrenheit, Centigrade, Kelvin), currency (US$ to yen, etc.), length (feet and meters), etc. Your conversion utility should work both ways, for example feet to meters and meters to feet. If your conversion utility is for units that aren't commonly used, please include a readme file or display information in the user interface that tells how the conversion is supposed to work. Make a button (or more than one, if you want) that the user taps to do the conversion.

NOTE: I will not give credit for programs that are the same as examples in books or web tutorials. In particular, don't turn in the temperature conversion app from the iOS BNRG book for this project.

Die Roller Specification

Write a die roller. Make a way for the user to specify how many sides the dice should have and how many dice to roll. Also make a button that tells when to roll the dice. The results should show the values rolled for each die and the total of all the dice. You'll probably want to limit the number of dice that can be rolled.

Both Options

Check to make sure that input fields are not empty before using them. Your app should not crash if the user taps a button without entering anything in a text field. When I am grading this assignment I will only enter valid input (numbers), but I might tap buttons before entering anything in input fields.

Also make sure you follow the programming and user interface conventions and guidelines discussed in class, our textbooks, and in the Apple or Android documentation.

Turn in

Please put your initials in your app name and package.

Put your project directory, including source code, resources, and your project file (for Xcode) in a zip file. Turn in your zip file on Canvas.

Unit Conversion Utility Points
20 Allows user to specify value
25 UI component that tells when to do conversion
35 Does conversion and displays result
20 Works both ways

Die Roller Points
20 Allows user to specify number of sides and number of dice
25 UI component that tells when to roll dice
35 Rolls dice and displays the result
20 Displays value of each die and total