Interactive SQL tutorials


DDL (Data Definition Language):

Home page for SQLite
SQLite Manager is a Firefox extension that you can use to work with SQLite files.
This is another SQLite GUI client.
You can download an SQLite command-line shell for Windows, Mac, or Linux form the SQLite Download page. The command-line shell comes with Mac OS X and can be started with the command sqlite3.


Saving Data in SQL Databases
This page on the web site is a good introduction to using SQLite databases in Android.

Dr. Dobb's Journal article about SQLite on Android
This article explains how to initialize an Android database from a text file of SQL commands. tutorial on SQLite in Android


Using SQLite directly from Swift

Swift SQLite Tutorial for Beginners
This tutorial tells how to use SQLite without using any third party libraries.

Ray Wenderlich tutorial about using SQLite with Swift
This tutorial starts out by using SQLite directly, then looks at making a Swift wrapper for SQLite, then refers to SQLite.swift. It has been updated to Xcode 9, iOS 11, and Swift 4.


SQLite.swift is is a third-party library for using SQLite in iOS: SQLite.swift


FMDB is another third-party library: FMDB

Here's a link to a notes page I made about using FMDB: Using SQLite with Swift It's a year or two old but might still be helpful.


Learning SQLite for iOS on Safari Books Online
This book has an introduction to SQL and tells how to use SQLite with Swift. It was published in March of 2016 so it's somewhat dated.

Build iOS Database Apps with Swift and SQLite on Safari Books Online
This book is from November of 2016 so it's also somewhat dated.


10 things you should know about NoSQL databases
This article describes five advantages and five disadvantages of NoSQL databases
This web site includes a list of NoSQL databases, including links to the database's web sites and some other characteristics.
Another website about NoSQL