Project Milestone 3: Play testing, improved game design, added features

Due: November 16, 2017

For the third milestone, your group should play test your game and then, based on your play tests you should improve your game design. You should continue to add features to your game and improve your code.

Each person in the group should turn in a short progress report as described below.

Play testing for your group's game

For this milestone, make arrangements for two kinds of play testing for your group's game: online and in-person.

For online play testing you will need to post a web build of your game, along with instructions about how to play your game, on a web server. If you don't have access to a web server, you can make arrangements with me to post your game on my server. You will also need to make a way for the play testers to answer your questions and comment on your game. You can use SurveyMonkey or a similar tool to do that, or you can make other arrangements.

There is a play test discussion for this class in Canvas, where you can post information about how other students can play your group's game.

For in-person play testing, we will set up two times for play testing outside of class. Make sure that you plan the play test and are well prepared. In particular, you should have questionnaires for the play testers. I recommend that you review Professor Clayton's slides on play testing, which I will post on Canvas.

Write a report that shows the results of all the play testing that your group does. The report should include the questions you asked play testers, how many people play tested your game and in what format (in-person or online). Include comments and a summary of all the responses to the questions on your questionnaire. Use the results of your play testing to improve your game design, as described in the next section.

Play testing other groups' games

Play test the games of at least two other groups if you play them in person, or the games of at least three other groups if you play them online. Summarize your feedback to the other groups in your progress report for this milestone.

Improved game design

Use the results of your play testing to improve your game design. Make a new version of your game design document that explains changes made to the game design and relates those changes to the results of feedback from play testing. You should also relate the changes in your game design to the Costikyan game design concepts.

Make sure that changes are clearly labeled and that it's easy to see how the changes are based on play testing feedback and the Costikyan design concepts.

Added features

Based on your plan from Milestone 2 (and the results of play testing where possible), continue to add features to your game. Be sure to update the user stories.


Update the user stories in your backlog to take into account the feedback your received from play testing. Also update the back log to show the features that were completed during this milestone.

Progress report

For each group milestone, each member of the group should turn in a separate progress report. The progress report should be a plain-text or HTML file that includes the following information:
--A rating of each of the other members of your group in terms of how much they contributed to the project and how well they communicated with the group. The rating should be on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the best. You can also include comments. You don't need to rate yourself. See the specification for Milestone 2 for the total rating points allowed for different sizes of groups.
--A description of how your group is functioning as a whole with regard to communication and coordination and with regard to progress on the project.
--For Milestone 3, also include information about which groups' games you play tested. Indicate whether you play tested them online (at least three games) or in person (at least two games). Summarize the feedback that you gave the groups.
--A description of your contributions to the project during this milestone.

I will use progress reports to assign individual grades based on the group's grade, but more importantly I will use them to help groups resolve issues before they become major problems.

Turn in


One member of the group should put the following files in a zip file and turn the zip file in on Canvas:


• Each student should turn in a progress report in a plain-text file (progress.txt) or HTML file (progress.html).


70 Web build of your game
35 Play testing and play testing report
60 Updated game design document that shows how the results of play testing were incorporated into your game design.
20 backlog.xls
15 Progress report, including rating of other group members. Turned in individually.
25 Individual contribution