Multiplayer Games and Network Programming

Age of Empires

Game Developers Conference/Gamasutra article 1500 Archers...
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The following material uses some information from Chapter 20 of 3D Games--Real Time Rendering and Software Technology by Watt and Policarpo.


Implementation of multi-player games

Problems in multi-player games

Network Programming





Microsoft's DirectPlay

Introduction to DirectPlay

DirectPlay tutorials

Implementing Multi-player Battleship




Winsock Programmer's FAQ

Windows Sockets: A Quick And Dirty Primer by Jim Frost
This is a good introduction but the client example uses asynchronous sockets and is only relevant in a Windows GUI environment.
A web site by Bob Quinn, one of the authors of Windows Sockets Network Programming.

Beej's Guide to Network Programming
This addresses primarily Unix/Linux socket programming, but does give some notes on how to use the material in Windows (including the reference to the Winsock FAQ, elsewhere on this page).

TCP/IP Sockets in C companion web site
This web site includes code for several examples, including threaded servers for both Windows and Unix/Linux.