CS3540 Game Programming


Unity notes

Graphics Slides (PowerPoint) Updated January 31, 2012.

Blender A few notes about Blender, a free and open source 3D modeling program.

http://www.cdschools.org/page/455 Blender Basics
This is a great book for getting started with Blender.

Game Design (PowerPoint)

Game Design

Game AI

Game Programming Complete Chapter 18 outline

John Laird and Michael van Lent's paper about human-level AI research and computer games: Interactive Computer Games: Human-level AI's Killer Application

Educational Games (PowerPoint)

C. Durney and D. Harris's five learning printciples

The following notes are from previous terms.

Intro Slides (PowerPoint) Updated January 17, 2014.

3D Modeling A few notes about 3D modeling software

main.cpp notes

Controller class

Display class

Image class

Model notes

Keyboard input

Mouse input
Updated 28SEP02 to include information about cursor problems in Windows XP and information about using custom cursors (which you should do).

Control class


Text and Fonts

Multiplayer Games

Programming 3D Graphics

Playing sound in DirectX

Selecting 3D objects

Rigel Station case study

Screen capture in DirectX
This is pretty easy to do, but unfortunately it can only save in BMP or DDS format.