Game Design

It's not easy to find good material on game design. Here are a few web pages that might be interesting.

Fundamentals of Game Design
This is the best book that I've found on game design. It's available through the UVU Library's subscription to Safari Books Online. You can get to this book using the link above or by going to and then clicking on the eBOOKS image link on the right-hand side of the page toward the bottom.

I Have no Words & I Must Design by Greg Costikyan. 1994 version 1994 version at another site 2002 version 2002 version at another site

I really like what these articles say about game design, but in a few places it uses words that are offensive to me and might be to you also.

The Art of Computer Game Design by Chris Crawford
This is an old (1982) book, but it's still useful. Here's the URL: This web site has many resources about game development, including game design.

400 Project, Rules Worth Breaking PDF slides Audio in GDC Vault of rules