AI in Computer Games


John Laird

John Laird at the University of Michigan has a great page about using Soar, a general inference engine, for AI applications in computer games. Here is the page:

Here is a good introductory paper from John Laird's site about why and how they are using Soar with computer games:
Interactive Computer Games: Human-level AI's Killer Application

Here are links to two other papers from the same web site
Using a Computer Game to Develop Advanced AI, by John E. Laird
Developing an Artifical Intelligence Engine by Michael van Lent and John Laird

Michael Booth

The AI Systems of Left 4 Dead Michael Booth, Valve

Lars Liden

Lars Liden has some interesting papers about his work in game AI for Half Life. Here's a link to his publications page:

The following publications from his page are relevant for this class:

• Liden, L. (2003) "Artificial Stupidity: The Art of Intentional Mistakes" in AI Game Programming Wisdom II, Charles River Media.

• Liden, L. (2002) "Strategicand Tactical Reasoning with Waypoints" in AI Game Programming Wisdom, Charles River Media.

• Liden, L. (2001) "Using Nodes to Develop Strategies for Combat with Multiple Enemies" In Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Entertainment: Papers from the 2001 AAAI Symposium, Technical Report SS-00-02, 59-63.

• Liden, L. (2000) "The Integration of Scripted and Autonomous Behaviors Through Task Management" In Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Entertainment: Papers from the 2000 AAAI Symposium, Technical Report SS-00-01, 51-55.

AI Planning

Applying Goal-Oriented Action Planning to Games by Jeff Orkin

Book chapters

Game Programming Algorithms and Techniques: A Platform-Agnostic Approach Chapter 9

Game Programming Complete
Ch. 18 An Introduction to Game AI, by David "Rez" Graham Safari Books Online:
Chapter 18

Here's a link to an outline that I made of this book chapter: gameAi.html