Project 4: Java Image Machine, Part 1

Due: October 31


Write a program that will open and display an image file. The class with the main method of the program should be called JIMachine.

The program will have five buttons:

Reading images

Use the ImageIO class from the javax.imageio package to read in image files. Read the file into a BufferedImage object. The BufferedImage class is in the java.awt.image package.

Turn in

Make sure that your classes are not in a package and that the class with the program's main method is named JIMachine. Put your source and class files into a jar file and turn in the jar file on Canvas. Your files should not be inside a folder in the jar file, and there should not be any files other than source files, class files, and an optional README.txt file. (Files and directories automatically added by the jar utility are okay.) You can include a few small test images if you'd like.


10Open button displays dialog box
30Image appears on screen
10Uses paintComponent to draw image
10Inner class that is extension of JComponent or JPanel
10Zoom in
10100% button
10Zoom out