Program 0: Hello World

Due: August 29

The purpose of this programming assignment is to set up Java development tools and then write and run a simple Java program.


Write a program with a main class named Hello. When the program is run from the command line it prints "Hello World" on the console. Your program should not be in a package.

The programming part of this assignment is simple, but downloading, installing, and learning to use Java development tools takes time. Plan on spending at least one or two hours on setting up the tools.

Choose the Java development tools you want to use for this class and set them up on a computer that you have access to. There are many options, ranging from relatively simple text editors and the command-line compiler to big and complicated Integrated Development Environments (IDEs).

When I grade your programming assignments I will run them from the command line. Make sure you know how to run programs from the command line so that you can test them that way before turning them in.

Sample output

$ java Hello Hello World!

Turn in

Since this assignment is mostly about setting up tools rather than writing code, you won't turn in any files. When you finish, go to the Program 0 assignment in Canvas answer the quiz question to show that you have set up the tools and written the program.