CS 3250 Exam 1 Study Guide

The test will be in Canvas in the testing center. You can take in one cue sheet (half of an 8.5x11 paper) both sides and you will be allowed to use 2 sheets of scratch paper.


30 to 40 true/false, multiple-choice, and fill-in-the-blank questions, 2 points each
One or two programming problems, 8 to 12 points each

For some multiple-choice questions you will need to select more than one answer: "Select all that apply"


Elementary Programming

Introduction to Java, Chapters 1 and 2

--Main methods, compiling and running programs
--Numeric types, constants, conversions between types
--How do you specify and access command-line arguments?
--Wrapper classes

Control flow, characters, and strings

Introduction to Java, Chapters 3 to 5

--char values are 16-bit Unicode characters.
--What does it mean to say that strings are immutable?
--toString methods: how are they written, and when are they called?
--String comparison
--Case conversion methods
--How are foreach loops written and used?

Methods, arrays, classes and objects

Introduction to Java, Chapters 6 to 11 Objects.ppt, Overloading-Ctors2.ppt

--How can you find out how many elements are in an array?
--What happens if an array index is too big?
--Ragged arrays

--How do you define a class? What kinds of things can be in a class?

--How are the final and static modifiers used with classes, methods, and fields?
--Visibility modifiers: public, private, protected, no visibility modifier

--Be able to write a class with constructors, methods, and instance variables
--Be able to write a class that inherits from another class.

--How are constructors in a parent class called? How are other constructors in the same class called?

--Be able to define and use static variables and be able to write static methods.

--Overloaded methods
--Overridden methods