Java Software Development
CS3250  FALL 2017

Section 001 taught by Brian Durney
Section 601 taught by George Rudolph

Syllabus Schedule Assignments Notes

First test for Section 001 in the testing center September 20th to 25th
The first test for CS3250-001 will be in the testing center starting on Wednesday, September 20th, with the last day on Monday, September 25th. There is a study guide available here.

The test will be an online test in Canvas, so you will take it on a computer in the testing center. Even though the test is in Canvas, you can't take it at home, like you can take the quizzes, because the test is password-protected. I will not set a time limit on the test but there can still be time constraints due to the time that the testing center closes. Be sure to check the testing center's hours.

You can take one cue sheet (half of an 8.5x11 piece of paper, both sides) into the test but no other notes can be used. No books or Web resources are allowed in the test.

myUVU Email
Please read your myUVU email on a regular basis. I will send assignment grades and announcements to your myUVU email address.


Java JDK and API Documentation
You can download the Java JDK (Java Development Kit) from this page:
The JDK includes the compiler, interpreter and class library. You can also download the netBeans IDE from this page.

You can view the Java 8.0 API documentation online at: To download this documentation, go to, find Downloads in the left-hand column near the bottom, and click on the JDK 8 Documentation link. That will take you to another page where you can download a zip file with the API documentation in it. On that page, look for the link to download the "Java SE Development Kit" documentation.