CS2550 Course Schedule

Summer 2017

• This schedule is subject to change.
MJS refers to our textbook, Modern JavaScript: Design and Develop.

Week Topic Reading Assignment
1 Course Introduction, HTML, web technology Syllabus, course web site, find and read an online HTML tutorial, Lesson 1 notes Assign. 0 due June 28th
Assign. 1 Game description and game grid
due July 3rd
  CSS Find and read an online CSS tutorial, MJS Chapters 1 and 2, Lesson 2 notes  
2 Basic JavaScript MJS Chapters 3, 4, and 5; Lesson 3 notes Assign. 2 Generate game grid
due July 10th
  Object-Oriented JavaScript, JavaScript arrays, objects, and functions MJS Ch. 6 and 7, pages 474-478 of Ch. 12, Ch. 14, Lesson 4 notes  
3 Client-side JavaScript MJS pages 308-334 of Chapter 9, Lesson 5 notes Assign. 3 Model and view for game grid and pieces
due July 17th
  Scripting documents--DOM MJS pages 335-348 of Chapter 9, Lesson 6 notes  
4 JavaScript and CSS MJS pages 349-357 and 369-372 of Chapter 9, Lesson 7 notes Assign. 4 Clickable game grid
due July 24th
  Events and Event Handling MJS Chapters 8 and 10, Lesson 8 notes  
5 Scripting HTTP--Ajax MJS Chapter 11, Lesson 9 notes Assign. 5 User log-in
due July 31st
  Web storage Lesson 10 notes  
6 XML and JSON Review MJS pages 442-447, Lesson 11 notes Assign. 6 Load JSON or XML data
due August 7th
  HTML 5 media and canvas Lesson 12 notes  
7 Mobile phone browsers, offline web applications Lesson 13 notes Project: Incorporate HTML 5, finish game logic
due Friday, August 11th
  Frameworks MJS Chapter 13  
  Server-side scripts and databases, cloud applications MJS Chapter 15, Lesson 15 notes  

Project due: Friday, April 28, 2017

Test dates

Exam 1: Tuesday, July 11th to Thursday, July 13th
Exam 2: Wednesday, July 26th to Friday, July 28th
Final exam: Wednesday, August 9th to Friday, August 11th

All exams will be in Canvas, taken in the testing center.