CS2550 Assignments

There will be six assignments and a term project. You will have two weeks to complete each assignment (one week in seven-week summer terms), and assignments will be due at 11:59pm on Mondays. See the Project page for more information about the project, including the due date.

List of all assignments

How to turn in assignments

For each assignment, make a zip file that contains the required file(s). Usually those files will include HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files. Turn in your zip file by uploading it in Canvas.

Working ahead

If you want to work ahead on assignments, please keep in mind that I sometimes make changes to assignments during the term. For the current assignment (the next one due) I avoid making changes, but for future assignments I will sometimes make clarifications, add helpful information, or change the point breakdown. In rare cases, I might make major changes to future assignments. If you work ahead, be prepared to make changes if the assignment specification changes.

Assignment grading

Be sure to check the point breakdown on each assignment's web page to make sure that you have completed the assignment. I will use a recent version of Safari, Chrome or Firefox to grade assignments. I encourage you to make your assignments and project as browser-independent as possible.

JavaScript libraries

You are welcome to use sample code from Fundamentals of Web Development in your assignments, but if you do, be sure to indicate what parts of the code are from the book and what you wrote.

Please do not use JQuery and similar libraries for the first four assignments. One of the objectives of this class is to get a good understanding of the JavaScript language. If you can do that, then you will be able to easily learn JQuery or any other JavaScript library. However, if you start using JQuery before gaining a good understanding of JavaScript itself you will have a more difficult time using other libraries or using JavaScript in situations where JQuery is not relevant.


Alerts can be useful in debugging, but code that you turn in to me should not show alerts except for error messages. You can also use them as directed on assignment pages. Think in terms of making your assignments and projects user-friendly and keep in mind that having to repeatedly click on an OK button slows down the game considerably.