CS2550 Notes

Study Guide for Test 1

Study Guide for Test 2

Study Guide for Test 3

Lesson 1 Notes--HTML and Web Technology

Lesson 2 Notes--CSS

Lesson 3 Notes--Basic JavaScript and Debugging JavaScript

Lesson 4 Notes--Object-Oriented JavaScript

Lesson 5 Notes--Client-side JavaScript

Lesson 6 Notes--Document Object Model (DOM)

Lesson 7 Notes--JavaScript and CSS

Lesson 8 Notes--Events and Event Handling

Lesson 9 Notes--Ajax

Lesson 10 Notes--Web Storage, Cookies, and Security

Lesson 11 Notes--XML and JSON

Lesson 12 Notes--HTML5 Media and Canvas

Lesson 13 Notes--Mobile web apps and offline web applications

createElement example from 16FEB17
document.createElement example from Feb. 16, 2017

Shopping example from 7FEB17
Shopping list example from Feb. 7, 2017

Shopping List Example
Shopping list example from class

Model View Controller
mvc1.pdf Slides for MVC

JavaScript Animation Tutorial
Part 1      Part 2      Part 3

Mobile browsers
This page has links to several web sites about mobile browsers.

JavaScript animation demo
Bot animation

Eloquent JavaScript
I recently came across this online book about JavaScript: http://eloquentjavascript.net

Human JavaScript
Here's another online book about JavaScript: http://read.humanjavascript.com

Speaking JavaScript
Another online book about JavaScript: http://speakingjs.com The online version is free and you can buy print and ebook versions.

JavaScript Tutorial
There's a JavaScript tutorial that looks good at javascript.info I haven't looked at it a lot, but the part I read looks good. The author says that the Russian version at learn.javascript.ru is better than the English version, so if you can read Russian, you're in luck.

EcmaScript 5 compatability table

JavaScript as a language The first link below relates to JavaScript as a language. The second link is to a blog entry about the "Next Big Language" (NBL), where the blogger might or might not be referring to JavaScript. It's old, but might still be interesting.

John Resig's web site (ejohn.org) seems to be useful in terms of web development in general and JavaScript in particular.

There is a list of XML references here.

The following notes are from previous terms:

Class notes on HTTP and related topics.

Douglas Crockford's JavaScript page
This page has a lot of interesting information about JavaScript, including a survey of the language and an article about JScript (Microsoft's version of JavaScript) memory leaks. It alsoincludes information about JSON--JavasScript Object Notation.

In particular his paper A Survey of the JavaScript Programming Language is a very good summary of JavaScript.

Douglas Crockford JavaScript videos
A student pointed out some Douglas Crockford JavaScript videos on Yahoo. I haven't watched much, but based on what I did watch and his web site, I would expect them to be good. If the link above doesn't work right, go to yahoo.com, select video search and enter "Douglas Crockford" for the search string.