Web Programming I
CS2550 Section X01  Summer 2017

Syllabus Schedule Assignments Notes


Final Exam August 9th to 11th
The third test (final exam) will be in the testing center from Wednesday, August 9th, to Friday, August 11th. It will cover Lessons 9 through 15 (the last part of the term). There is a study guide here.

The test will be an online test in Canvas, so you will take it on a computer in the testing center (unless you have made arrangements for a proctor in another location). Even though the test is in Canvas, you can't take it at home, like you can take the quizzes, because the test is password-protected. Also unlike the quizzes, you can only have one attempt, and I did not set a time limit on the test (although there can still be time constraints due to the time that the testing center closes). No books, notes, or Web resources are allowed in the test.

Keep in mind that the testing center closes early on Fridays. Be sure to check the testing center's summer hours.

myUVU Email
Please be sure to read your myUVU email on a regular basis. I will send test reminders and other important class information to myUVU email addresses. You can set up your email reader to read myUVU email directly or you can forward your myUVU email to another email account.